While the United States had military advisors in Vietnam for several years, it officially began its combat role in 1965. That role did not end until 1973 with President Nixon declaring “peace with honor.” Two years later South Vietnam fell to the communist north and all was lost.

It was a controversial and divisive war to say the least. But that does not take anything away from the honorable service of hundreds of thousands of young men and women, including at least 125 from Little Falls, NY.

More than 58,000 Americans lost their lives, including two of our own.

Whether you were for or against, Vietnam holds a huge place in our history. It is a story that we should never forget. Who better to tell that story than those who were there? What better way to tell that story than through their eyes.

New episodes air the second Monday of the month.


  1. davidewarnertv

    What a great show!

  2. chuck gibbs

    How does one subscribe for the show(s) broadcasts? Thank you!!

  3. davidewarnertv

    They are free – Through My Eyes comes out the second Monday of each month. If you have a Fire TV or Roku device you search for the title of the show and use their ‘subscribe’ option. Or, you can go directly to MyLittleFalls.tv in your browser.

  4. Robert Casullo

    Fantastic interview with John, we played basketball together at LFHS and although lost touch through the years have reconnected via social media. I, and I suppose, like many others had no idea of his exploits in Viet Nam other than he served there. What an eye opening segment. Without getting political here, the question begs to be asked and answered, how does our government throughout the 5o years since neglected our veterans when they ask for help? Good job Ralph and as a suggestion perhaps an interview fro someone from that time period that didn’t serve in Viet Nam and their thoughts.

  5. M. Polenski

    Great job Ralph. Thank you John, Dave and Ed for sharing your insights and experiences.

  6. Roger K. Klimek

    Very miving and interesting interviews. Knowing many of these vets, old friends and acquaintances, there are a lot of memories and recollections resurfacing.

  7. Bill Mills

    As I told Ralph in Dec. when I saw him. I love and enjoy this series. I just got caught after watching Bernie Spraker. That was a fun interview. I do want to say that the one with Mike Volo was not at all what I expected. That was a very deep interview. Keep up the good work. I’m already looking forward to the next interview.


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